Experimental Images

Root File System Images

The following images are built using OpenEmbedded. For instructions on compiling your own images, please see Install OpenEmbedded.

All file system images on this page are setup to work with the 2.6.38 based Linux kernel and drivers. See Checking_the_versions_of_boot_files_kernel_and_the_driver_module and Updating_E1XX_Boot_Files_and_Kernel_Modules for further information.

Console Development Image

  • Primary image for non-graphical E100 application development
  • Includes TI DSPLink drivers and examples for the C64x+ DSP
  • Recommended for most users who do not require a graphical interface


Gnome GNURadio Image

  • Recommended for users who require a graphical interface
  • Please note that first boot with this image may take a few hours


OpenBTS Image


SD Card Images

  • QT with GLES, gnuradio-companion with QT GUI