GNU Radio + UHD Software

GNU Radio is a popular SDR application framework commonly used with USRP devices.

The gr-uhd component of GNU Radio comes with a set of UHD source and sink blocks as well as block wrappers for the GNU Radio Companion.

Build and Install

If you are using Ubuntu or Fedora, the easiest way to compile UHD + GNU Radio is using Pybombs

Otherwise, follow the Installation Guide.

Using UHD Software with GNU Radio

The bridge between GNU Radio and the USRP device is a set of blocks in the gr-uhd component, which includes:

  • USRP source block - provides RX data to downstream processing blocks
  • USRP sink block - accepts TX data from upstream processing blocks

The blocks can be used in C++, Python, or in the graphical GNU Radio Companion environment:

Using GNU Radio's sample tag feature, RX samples can be time-stamped, and TX samples can be precisely scheduled.
Timestamp and burst tag documentation can be found in the USRP source and sink header files:

Resources and Links

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