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CMakeLists.txt 1.48 KB
clock_ctrl.cpp 14.7 KB
clock_ctrl.hpp 3.16 KB
codec_ctrl.cpp 7.87 KB
codec_ctrl.hpp 2 KB
dboard_iface.cpp 9.59 KB
fw_common.h 4.51 KB
io_impl.cpp 19 KB
usrp2_clk_regs.hpp 2.23 KB
usrp2_iface.cpp 13.8 KB
usrp2_iface.hpp 2.32 KB
usrp2_impl.cpp 35.8 KB
usrp2_impl.hpp 4.81 KB
usrp2_regs.hpp 3.66 KB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
56f391ad 10/04/2013 11:49 pm Josh Blum

uhd: wb_iface is now a public interface

970afec3 08/24/2013 01:21 am Josh Blum

Merge branch 'maint'

7b9a7e74 08/24/2013 01:18 am Josh Blum

usrp2: fix firmware rx clear register offset

When an ICMP dest unreachable pkt arrives,
the fw needs to know how to shutoff the DSP.
This offset for the reset register was
broken by a previous fix for register overlap.

be267e72 08/15/2013 10:21 pm Josh Blum

Merge branch 'maint'

8eaa2dd2 08/15/2013 10:21 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: try/catch for first send of discovery routine

This send can fail with a network down/unreachable error.
The try/catch allows for discovery to continue.

0aeac603 07/25/2013 12:46 am Josh Blum

uhd: allow for 16 bit i2c and eeprom addrs

c464a63e 07/15/2013 10:44 pm Josh Blum

uhd: added new calls to streamer object + support work

  • The transmit streamer gives access to the async msg queue.
  • The receive streamer gives access to the issue stream cmd.
  • Supporting usrp implementation files updated.
  • Example applications updated to use this API.
01d90259 10/10/2012 08:29 pm Nick Corgan

utils: USRP N2XX Simple Net Burner

  • More automated C++ implementation of
  • By default, installs images from standard image install directories
be172a61 09/28/2012 11:58 pm Josh Blum

lfrx: disable dc offset correction when using LFRX

584b7ae2 08/14/2012 08:47 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: fix program_stream_dest (arp for dest)

The send buffer should be reset ASAP so it gets flushed out.

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