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8814558f 08/29/2013 12:34 am Josh Blum

Merge branch 'maint'

42946274 08/28/2013 11:02 pm Nick Corgan

test_timed_commands: explicitly set RX stream time to be less than recv timeout

96e50aeb 08/26/2013 11:04 pm Nick Corgan

examples: changed examples that force usage of all channels to allow user to input which channels to use

6de009cc 08/21/2013 02:19 am Josh Blum

uhd: benchmark use builtin samp calculation

504c2e1f 08/13/2013 06:39 pm Josh Blum

uhd: added time source option to PPS test

690637f7 07/25/2013 12:45 am Balint Seeber

uhd: improvements to rx samples to file

eb3f43c5 07/19/2013 07:43 pm Josh Blum

uhd: dont handle multi-chan overflow recovery here

c464a63e 07/15/2013 10:44 pm Josh Blum

uhd: added new calls to streamer object + support work

  • The transmit streamer gives access to the async msg queue.
  • The receive streamer gives access to the issue stream cmd.
  • Supporting usrp implementation files updated.
  • Example applications updated to use this API.
8f4000ff 06/21/2013 07:51 pm Josh Blum

Merge branch 'maint'

80045259 06/21/2013 07:50 pm Josh Blum

uhd: explicitly link the apps w/ boost

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