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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
c5480830 02/10/2010 12:28 am Josh Blum

renamed usrp_uhd to uhd

89152d1f 02/05/2010 07:36 pm Josh Blum

Made get_link the only way to create nested props.
Removed the obj::ptr and sptr typedefs.
The dboard manager now must store not the subdevs, but their proxies.

cc8caeb1 02/01/2010 08:35 pm Josh Blum

Work on the properties framwork with wax::obj.
Now the obj handles all 3 things in 1, properties, polymorphic container, proxy.

5e455ca9 01/30/2010 03:22 am Josh Blum

Minimal framework in place to handle udp discovery.
Added usrp2 stuff, udp wrapper, discovery function.
Added app called discover usrps (usrp2 only for now).

aa2c904d 01/30/2010 12:40 am Josh Blum

added gpl license v3

027cfcb1 01/30/2010 12:07 am Josh Blum

added utility convenience tune function (wip)

30a8d2ec 01/29/2010 08:24 am Josh Blum

Added dboard id enum.
Moved timespec into its own header.

d5d9da31 01/29/2010 03:54 am Josh Blum

Added gain handler class to manage wildcard gain settings.
Gets overall gains and sets overall gains when used.
Wild card gain will be a gain with an empty string name.

fc1bffcf 01/27/2010 08:19 am Josh Blum

Added boost system (needed with asio) and date time (will need for threading/sleeping).
Added to dboard interface to get clock rates.
Added OTHERS properties and some documentation type notes.
Added more TODOs to the utils.

a98e3875 01/26/2010 07:29 pm Josh Blum

Switched from indexed properties to named properties.
Added some new properties for getting a list of antenna names,
pps sources, ref sources...

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