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eb7e709b 02/17/2010 08:41 am Josh Blum

moved host code into host directory for clean (unambiguous) top level

d8d783ce 02/17/2010 03:17 am Josh Blum

Added control code in the txrx.c and dboard interface for usrp2 to handle gpio and atr

6d891fdf 02/17/2010 01:49 am Josh Blum

Setting the clock config over control

ac35b51e 02/17/2010 01:34 am Josh Blum

Moved the usrp2 implementation files into a usrp2 dir within mboard.
Filled in many of the properties for the mboard (including clock config).

d454ab4c 02/16/2010 10:21 pm Josh Blum

Created dboard wrapper in the usrp2 impl

429342fb 02/16/2010 08:25 pm Josh Blum

Added usrp2 impl for the guts of the usrp2 handling.
The top level usrp2 will contain an impl and forward calls to it.

9d1041f8 02/16/2010 03:11 am Josh Blum

CMake does not have convenience libraries like automake.
Removed the nested lib CMakeLists.txt in favor of a single
top level lib/CMakeLists.txt for building the shared library.

e8b60b03 02/16/2010 01:29 am Josh Blum

Removed Autotools stuff and the git ignore files.
Feeding cpack a readme and license file.
Added readme contents.

8d76c9a4 02/15/2010 10:10 pm Josh Blum

Created CMakeLists.txt for a CMake build.
Only created the files for building, install part missing.

97785c83 02/13/2010 05:22 pm Josh Blum

Compiling under old fedora8 with boost 1.37.
Fixed somethings that caused errors and warnings.
Cannot get rid of all warnings on this system.

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