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25494489 09/28/2011 05:32 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: uart/udp work in host and fw, working

36130032 04/22/2011 06:28 pm Nick Foster

N210: TXRX_UHD now has bootloader #ifdef'ed into it. Safe firmware now embedded into FPGA bootloader.
Also did some cleanup of unused source files and consolidated bootloader stuff into bootloader_utils.

c0cfc699 03/17/2011 12:21 am Josh Blum

usrp2: use new and common slave base map for usrp2/n210

77481462 03/15/2011 05:28 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: common memory map, define slave bases in different headers

c88166d6 02/17/2011 09:26 pm Josh Blum

uspr2: memory map tweak for dual dsp

b61cdb8d 01/14/2011 12:34 am Josh Blum

usrp2: update copyright dates on firmware code

59977191 01/11/2011 08:19 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: restart read before mode switch, added comments

use cmake compiler force macro (to simplify things),
added copyright updates dates to some files

d52cf5e1 01/10/2011 09:36 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: replaced pad argument to gen bins macro with a setting variable, simplifies code

2106c6cf 01/10/2011 08:23 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: firmware pad bins to zero to deal with optimizing out the static vars that init to zero

removed the spi flash init in favor of an initialization constant at zero
tweaked the cmakelists flags list
added pad option to the gen binaries macro

4711829f 01/01/2011 01:29 am Josh Blum

usrp2: fixed mdelay (used ticks rb register), cool led blink in u2init, removed unused files

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