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cb54f443 06/07/2013 05:33 pm Nick Corgan

CBX support

ed6fc078 11/07/2012 08:12 pm Ben Hilburn

wbx v4: fixing the drivers for the new rev of the WBX board

c42c02f0 04/24/2012 08:38 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: fix ad9510 register map typos

These register addresses should be in hex.
Fortunately, they are not set in the code,
so the typo did not break anything in UHD.

aa051337 11/07/2011 07:21 pm Josh Blum

wbx: squashed Ben's WBX work

a0e9612f 11/07/2011 07:21 pm Josh Blum

sbx: squashed Ben's SBX work

1f6f07b3 10/12/2011 07:32 pm Ben Hilburn

Default adf4350 PLL to fast-lock mode.

a5aece05 05/13/2011 07:13 pm Jason Abele

Added TVRX2 support

95b966a5 03/24/2011 01:48 am Josh Blum

uhd: update copyright headers with automated script

f938ed79 03/03/2011 07:18 pm Josh Blum

Merge branch 'master' into next


f57ef3e7 02/25/2011 11:23 pm Josh Blum

uhd: make ic reg maps depend on

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