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root / firmware / zpu / usrp2p @ 25494489

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CMakeLists.txt 1.4 KB
bootconfig.h 1.69 KB
bootloader_utils.c 3.3 KB
bootloader_utils.h 661 Bytes
eth_phy.h 11.6 KB
ethernet.c 7.52 KB
spi_flash.c 5.35 KB
spi_flash.h 2.99 KB
spi_flash_private.h 1.99 KB
spi_flash_read.c 3.27 KB
spif.c 1.75 KB
u2p_init.c 1006 Bytes
u2p_init.h 715 Bytes
udp_fw_update.c 5.57 KB
xilinx_s3_icap.c 2.54 KB
xilinx_s3_icap.h 1.05 KB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
08e2432c 03/23/2012 09:36 pm Josh Blum

spi: work on fw support for simple spi core

e4d3f63c 03/23/2012 09:36 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: work on alternative stream destination

cbeb4305 01/24/2012 04:38 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: same change but to fw updater

25494489 09/28/2011 05:32 pm Josh Blum

usrp2: uart/udp work in host and fw, working

abab513a 09/08/2011 07:15 pm Josh Blum

n-series: removed unused bootloader files in fw

a2ff19e3 08/10/2011 12:49 am Nick Foster

N2XX: fix bug in firmware updater (don't use local variables for static data). this fixes the "n210 bricking on update while streaming" bug.

043c586f 07/29/2011 08:19 am Josh Blum

usrp2: shutoff streaming using the stop bit (fix)

79079a34 06/15/2011 11:57 pm Nick Foster

N2XX: firmware stops device streaming on fw update, and updater script checks hw rev before proceeding

7b509d6f 04/22/2011 06:47 pm Nick Foster

N210 fw: Move spif_init into bootload_utils

36130032 04/22/2011 06:28 pm Nick Foster

N210: TXRX_UHD now has bootloader #ifdef'ed into it. Safe firmware now embedded into FPGA bootloader.
Also did some cleanup of unused source files and consolidated bootloader stuff into bootloader_utils.

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